American food in Israel

Israel has many culinary destinations. If you decide to arrange a gastronomic feast on your own, visiting local markets, be sure to pay attention to exotic fruits, such as hot pink low-calorie pitahaya, purple sweet and sour passion fruit, juicy carambola and persimmon sharon. Lychee, guava and mango, although less exotic, also deserve tasting. And from the nuts, except for the usual walnuts, pistachios and almonds, you should definitely eat sweet macadamia and pecans. If you have already enjoyed traditional Israeli cuisine and want to eat american food in Israel, then there are many restaurants for your comfort. But which place to choose for a light early breakfast, a tasty lunch and a cozy dinner in the company of family or friends? For example, Vicky Cristina restaurant has a huge popularity among regular tourists and residents of Israel due to the unique taste of Spanish Tapas cuisine combined with various treats, desserts, salads and hundreds of kinds of the best wine. The restaurant is on the list of best restaurants in Tel Aviv due to its uniqueness. Here you can constantly meet tourists with children, citizens and millionaires who prefer only high-quality american food in Israel. If you want to know where to eat in Tel Aviv american food, come to Vicky Christina. Vicky Cristina is located in the central part of the city near the sea coast. We are sure that the warm sea breeze will attach special importance to your cozy lunch. It is worth noting that this restaurant has a wide range of dishes for all people, so tourists of different cultures, pilgrims and locals relax here. The unique atmosphere and wonderful taste of each dish made Vicky Cristina one of the best restaurants for tasty and affordable american food in Israel. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the magical taste of medieval Spain and USA? Our maestro of culinary art will do everything to impress you.