Late night food Tel Aviv

How long have you been traveling? Experienced tourists know that even a small city during the cold season can have dozens of unique attractions that you just need to visit. If you seemed to be in Israel, you are very lucky - this is a country with one of the richest cultures, fascinating traditions, nations and many other interesting factors. To get around all these places, you will need a lot of strength, but you will remember the trip to Israel forever. Starting from an early breakfast and ending late night food, Tel Aviv has hundreds of cafes, bars and restaurants where you can have a tasty snack. But there are several places that have already become legendary for regular tourists and locals. Vicky Cristina restaurant, which is located near the sea near the Old Station, has a unique menu of Spanish dishes that will not leave you indifferent. You will definitely like it. Separate quality of this late night food Tel Aviv restaurant is an interesting European design and a wide range of all sorts of wines. Here you will find the taste of real wine from many countries of the world - from far away Chile to Japan. Also, visitors are offered delicious drinks from local craftsmen. You can find good food in Tel Aviv at night in our restaurant. Most tourists fly to Israel from Europe and America, so flying in an airplane can take a very long time. It tires travelers, and the majority of them prefer to spend 1 day for restoration in hotel. Vicky Cristina restaurant will warmly welcome all new tourists to provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Meet the culinary masterpieces of our chefs in one of the best late night food Tel Aviv restaurant. Every visitor is available tasting of popular wines from around the world. Feel the hospitality of Israel now. We always welcome new guests!