Where to eat in Tel Aviv

We can say that Israel is one of the most exotic resorts in the world. And this is not because of the endless ocean, gulls and green palms. The cities of Israel are like a mosaic of ancient cultures, traditions of peoples, and architectural monuments. In addition, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are the center of world Orthodoxy and the favorite place of many pilgrims. Once there, you simply will not have time for passive rest: a lot of cathedrals, theaters and museums will give you a vivid impression for life. But do you have enough time to visit all the legendary places? Short rest and tasty lunch are important tasks of any tourist. But where to eat in Tel Aviv? There are many Israeli cities on the Mediterranean coast. Tel Aviv is a favorite place for young people due to different clubs, cafes and discos. In addition, the country's large business is concentrated here and this requires a high-quality level of restaurants. Vicky Cristina is the perfect option for a relaxing lunch with your family and friends. Spanish cuisine and unique dishes will make a great pleasant impression, and even the experienced designer will like the interior of the restaurant. Visiting this restaurant, you will find your favorite place where to eat in Tel Aviv forever. A special offer here is valid for alcohol lovers: many wines and tinctures from around the world are always available at the restaurant’s bar. Vicky Christina is one of the The best restaurants in Tel Aviv. The owners of Vicky Cristina took every little detail seriously in creating the perfect atmosphere of the restaurant. The best chefs of Israel have worked a unique menu with a variety of meat dishes, salads and appetizers. Experienced staff has special training courses for quality customer service. During the meal, you will be asked to try the appropriate type of wine. For spicy meat prefer red wine, and for delicate dishes and salads - white wine. Still thinking where to eat in Tel Aviv? Vicky Cristina is happy to meet its guests now.