The best restaurant in Israel

Mediterranean warm tide, old cities architecture and the palette of world cultures: all this combined in the shades of modern Tel Aviv. Tourists and pilgrims who have come here for the first time will never forget the first impressions of exploring this town. To secure the beginning of your journey with a glass of delicious wine with friends, we recommend visiting local restaurants. Assorted kitchens, an unique interior and quiet atmosphere of institutions will definitely make a good impression on you. But in order for this trip to start for you with something special, you just need to visit one of the best restaurant in Israel – let's get known this. Vicky Cristina restaurant is located in Tel Aviv city central part near the Old Station. It is located near the coast, so the summer sea breeze will be a pleasant component to your dinner. Vicky restaurant’s chef offers Tapas specialties from Spanish cuisine. Such culinary masterpieces combine various spicy spices, so its staff goes through long courses to reflect their best qualities in a dish to cook high-quality meat and vegetables. Perhaps that is why many citizens consider Vicky Cristina as the best restaurant in Israel. This place is also notable for its wine range – visitors are offered more than 120 types of wine from all over the world and legendary drinks just from Israel masters. Being the best restaurant in Israel does not mean having high prices. Despite the international recognition and impeccable quality of dishes since 2005, this place offers affordable prices for all tourists. Vicky Cristina perfectly supplements the diversity of Tel Aviv cultures. Feel great taste of the Spanish masterpieces from the culinary maestros of Israel just now – Vicky Cristina is always happy to receive new guests. We order you to visit The best restaurants in Tel Aviv.