Tel Aviv restaurants open on shabbat

Tel Aviv has long been considered one of the most unusual cities in Israel. With a population of only 400,000 people, this legendary place receives over 5,000,000 tourists from all over the world every year. The most frequent tourists come here from Russia, America and European countries. Tel Aviv is considered a city of businessmen. There are more than 2000 headquarters apartments of the largest start-ups, which employ more than 60,000 employees. You will never forget a trip to this charming city. The most famous tradition among all Israelis is Shabbat. This is the seventh day of the week (Saturday), in which it is customary to rest and spend time with loved ones. Why not spend the next Saturday dinner in a good restaurant? Let's learn about the best Tel Aviv restaurants open on shabbat. Things to do in Tel Aviv on shabbat Undoubtedly, you should try Israeli national dishes when you get to this incredible country. But among the locals there is also a list of good cafes, clubs and restaurants with delicious dishes. Vicky Cristina is also considered one of the best Tel Aviv restaurants open on shabbat. Here you can enjoy the exciting Spanish food prepared using Tapas technology. It includes a huge amount of tasty meat, small snacks, vegetables, and side dishes. It is worth noting a large assortment of wine and alcoholic beverages - this restaurant has more than 120 types of wine from around the world. Do not forget to try the wine masterpieces from Tel Aviv winemakers. We believe that you should definitely visit Vicky Cristina if you are interested in Tel Aviv restaurants open on shabbat. טםו בשמ כןמג איק Convenient location in the city center, as well as a pleasant interior and a large selection of dishes at affordable prices will not leave you indifferent. The owners and staff of the restaurant are pleased to welcome new tourists and will definitely give you an unforgettable experience of this trip!