Tel Aviv restaurants open Friday night

Each traveler has his own goal for the upcoming trip. Some of the tourists want to take beautiful photos and visit exciting places, someone is interested in exploring foreign cultures, and someone just wants to retire with his family or friends. Israel is one of the most hospitable countries in the world. The palette of different nations, cultures and religions will leave vivid memories of the trip for a long time. To start the journey was significant, tourists love to visit various cafes, clubs and Tel Aviv restaurants open Friday night. Have you already chosen the right place? If you don't know what to do in Tel Aviv on friday, read this article. One of the main attractions of local gastronomy is the Vicky Сristina restaurant. This is a special cozy place that is ideal for a relaxing family dinner or an unforgettable friend's party. This is included in the list of Tel Aviv restaurants open Friday night, so each weekend can surprise the tourist with the unforgettable taste of dishes until the morning. The restaurant menu consists of the concept of Spanish cuisine and has all the qualities of the legendary restaurants in Europe. Choose your unique dish, select the assorted spices and feel the taste of this wine - here it presents more than 120 species. Despite the large number of adult tourists and pilgrims, many students and young people come to Tel Aviv. It seems that this city never sleeps - in different parts of Tel Aviv there are always open clubs and youth parties take place, and during the day tourists prefer sea holidays. Tel Aviv restaurants open Friday night is a great opportunity to celebrate a good trip and try some really tasty food. Tel Aviv is very popular among young people and families, because there is everything for your perfect holiday. Warm sea wind, music from the great cathedrals and interesting nightlife will accompany your company during the whole trip. Vicky Kristina welcomes you to Israel!