Tel Aviv dinner

Cities of Israel are full of restaurants, cafes, snack bars that offer visitors both well-known and exotic dishes. Traditional Middle Eastern cuisine is most popular in Israel, successfully competing with hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza. Fruits and vegetables in the widest range are presented at any time of the year. Of particular note is the high quality of Israeli dairy products, wines and liquors. All these qualities are combined in popular restaurants, where tourists and citizens love to come. Where can I make delicious Tel Aviv dinner? Let's find out. A special feature of Israeli cuisine is the adherence to Jewish religious principles, according to which certain types of food, such as pork or crabs, are prohibited. Other products should not be consumed together, for example, dairy and meat products. Food that meets the Jewish requirements is called kosher. Most restaurants and shops strictly follow kosher food laws, but in most parts of Israel, you can find shops and restaurants that offer non-kosher food. Vicky Cristina is one of the most popular restaurants with delicious and affordable Tel Aviv dinner. It uses the technology of Spanish cuisine, and a combination of delicious spices, meat and side dishes will not leave you and your company indifferent. The best Shabbat dinner in Tel Aviv you can find in our restaurant. The special property of this restaurant is a wide selection of wine. There are always more than 120 kinds of delicious alcoholic drinks brought from all over the world. Delicious Tel Aviv dinner will be a great end to your walk along the beach, because this restaurant is located in the center of the city, next to the Mediterranean coast. You can get to Vicky Cristina by any means of transport from any part of the city. Bus or taxi drivers will take you to the entrance to this legendary restaurant. Feel the taste of Spanish gastronomic masterpieces and remember your successful trip for a lifetime. Kind staff is ready to receive new guests from early morning until late evening. We wish you a great holiday!