Restaurants Tel Aviv

Legendary pilgrimage sites, ancient cities and the diversity of world cultures are not the only things that attract tourists to visit Israel. The center of world Orthodoxy is concentrated here, so tourists from distant countries are invited to enjoy the incredible landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea and old cities. Holidays in Tel Aviv cannot be compared with the usual trips – it seems that this town has been around for thousands of years, and its inhabitants are hospitable wizards who will always warmly welcome you to their homeland. If we talk about modern attractions, clubs and restaurants, Tel Aviv has many beautiful places to visit. Have you made your choice? One of the best options is to visit the Vicky Cristina restaurant, which is located in city center near the sea coast. Working since 2005, its famous chefs fell in love local people and tourists from all over the world with their culinary tastes. The main Vicky Cristina culinary direction is a classic Spanish cuisine. Popular dishes in it harmoniously combine with the flavors of spices and herbs, so overall taste of meat dishes makes an unique impression even on strict gastronomic critics. Pilgrims and citizens have long considered this place one of the best Tel Aviv restaurants. What restaurant qualities influence your choice of place to visit? do you search for popular restaurant in Tel Aviv? There is best culinary traditions of medieval Spain collected In Vicky Cristina, and each dish involves an unique type of wine brought from Chile, Argentina, France or local winemakers. Such unusual restaurant interior will allow you to feel yourself in harmony with nature, sea silence and the unique atmosphere of Israel. Cathedrals bells will give a special sound to your pleasant dinner at one of the best Tel Aviv restaurants. Vicky Cristina team is already waiting for their guests!