Non kosher restaurants Tel Aviv

Have you been planning a trip to Israel for a long time? We are sure that our country will leave you an unforgettable impression for life. Unique landscapes, warm Mediterranean winds and endless expanses of old cities with hospitable people are already waiting for you. The people of Israel have a huge number of different traditions. For example, Jews respect religion and prayer, which means they are obliged to follow the rules in their daily diet. Some cafes and restaurants for the local population have only kosher food, where there are no dairy products and some types of meat. If you are going to come from another country, you definitely need to know about non kosher restaurants Tel Aviv. Let's find out about it now. Jewish national cuisine is very special, so tourists may not always like it. For example, the locals do not consume ordinary European bread, and eat matzah - a thin layer of flour and water. But after the big appearance of big tourism, the large cities of Israel began to have international restaurants that are popular among the townspeople. Vicky Cristina is considered one of the best non kosher restaurants Tel Aviv due to the quality of its dishes, a wide variety of menus, beautiful interiors and affordable prices. A special feature of this place is the unique Spanish cuisine combined with fragrant spices and hundreds of types of wine. You will definitely like it! If you looking for non kosher food in Israel, come and visit us. The restaurant offers rare dishes of classic Spanish cuisine using Tapas cooking technology. The best chefs of Israel gathered in one team and now delight tourists from all over the world since 2005. Some regular tourists even fly to Tel Aviv to spend the evening with their family again for a unique steak and a glass of red wine in Vicky Cristina. Still looking for suitable non kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv? This restaurant is always happy to receive new guests and give them an unforgettable experience!