Good restaurants in Tel Aviv

Imagine a city, walking along the streets of which you can plunge into a centuries-old history, touching on the Gospel and ancient Greek legends, and literally in a couple of hundred meters marvel at the technical achievements of modern times. The city where the architectural styles of the early 20th century intertwine with the color of the buildings of the stone period. A city where you can casually meet the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Thutmosis III near Napoleon, and the millionaire Rothschild - with the hot Zionist Herzl. A city full of contrasts and surprises. Do you have enough time to see all of Tel Aviv’s legendary sights? Have you chosen the right hotel and good restaurants in Tel Aviv? Let's talk about good places for a delicious dinner in this city. If you want to try good food in Tel Aviv, you must go to good restaurant. To experience all the magic of Tel Aviv, there is not enough bathing in the warm Mediterranean sea and visiting various cathedrals and museums. Your main task is to become one with this place for a few days, to feel yourself as a part of the people of Israel. Every local has favorite places in this city. For example, among all the good restaurants in Tel Aviv, locals highlight the Vicky Cristina restaurant. It is located in the city center close to the old train station. Here, famous chefs prepare unique masterpieces of Spanish cuisine using Tapas technology. You should definitely try these meat dishes, salads and many types of wine from around the world to consolidate good impressions about the trip. Warm sea wind, red sunset and the music of the bells of local temples will create a unique atmosphere for your dinner in the company of family or friends. Dive into the world of the best gastronomy and remember this taste for life. You will definitely like it. Are you looking for good restaurants in Tel Aviv? Its staff will be happy to tell you about the benefits of Spanish cuisine and offer to taste the best dishes of Tel Aviv at affordable prices.