Good food in Tel Aviv

It is known that Tel Aviv is one of the most favorite cities for tourism in the world. More than 5,000,000 tourists come here every year to enjoy the seascapes, the traditions of the local population and the extraordinary number of cathedrals, museums and the beauty of nature. You are very lucky if you find you got the time and opportunity and decided to come here. To have time to get maximum pleasure, you need to pre-plan your trip and visit suitable places. Be prepared to spend a lot of energy - the wonders of this city will not leave you indifferent for life. To make your trip truly delicious, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the places with good food in Tel Aviv. When you arrive to Israeli you must eat Popular Israeli food. Let's find out about one of these. In the center of the city, next to the old station is a famous restaurant among the citizens of Vicky Cristina. This can be called unusual, because this restaurant prepares legendary Spanish dishes. The best chefs of Israel gathered here to create real masterpieces of culinary art using Tapas technology. Be sure that this is one of the best places with good food in Tel Aviv. The incredible combination of Spanish meat, aromatic side dishes and a huge number of types of wine will make your trip truly enjoyable. The owners of this restaurant delight residents of the city and tourists since 2005. Why is Vicky Cristina so popular? It is worth considering that in this restaurant united the famous European traditions of cooking. You can enjoy a delicious dinner while listening to the music of the bells from the local cathedrals. Being in search of good food in Tel Aviv, do not forget to come here. It is near the seashore, so you can listen to the sound of the Mediterranean, and after a delicious dinner and a glass of red wine, finish your evening on the beautiful night coast. Vicky Cristina staff is always happy to meet new guests!