Best restaurants in Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv, you can start the day with a morning jog along the promenade or swimming in the sea: the water temperature does not fall below 18 degrees even in winter. Unhurried morning meal can be enjoyed in one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. For businessmen and connoisseurs, visiting one of the four largest world diamond exchanges may be interesting. Shopping lovers will not remain idle, Tel Aviv provides a variety of opportunities: from designer boutiques on Dizengoff and Shenkin streets to the flea market in old Jaffa. To feel like a real citizen, after lunch you can go on a leisurely walk around the city, both by yourself and with a guide. If you search for things to do in Tel Aviv at night, restaurant it's a good option. But which place to choose for a light early breakfast, a tasty lunch and a cozy dinner in the company of family or friends? For example, Vicky Cristina restaurant has a huge popularity among regular tourists and residents of Israel due to the unique taste of Spanish Tapas cuisine combined with various treats, desserts, salads and hundreds of kinds of the best wine. The restaurant is on the list of best restaurants in Tel Aviv due to its uniqueness. Here you can constantly meet tourists with children, citizens and millionaires who prefer only high-quality dishes and drinks. The special atmosphere of the city and the sound of the waves of the Mediterranean Sea will make your meal truly cozy. Restaurant owners took care of a good location. Vicky Cristina is located in the city center near the old train station. You can get here on a variety of buses, and a city taxi will take you directly to the entrance to the restaurant. Despite the fact that it is considered one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv, Vicky Cristina has affordable prices for every tourist. If you want to experience the unique taste of European dishes, this restaurant is always able to surprise even the strictest critic. Enjoy your stay!