Tel Aviv lunch

Tel Aviv is both a resort and a recognized center of culture, commerce and entertainment. More than 47 hotels in Tel Aviv welcome tourists from all over the world. Each tourist can choose a room in a cheap small hotel right on the Mediterranean coast or choose a luxurious Deluxe room in an expensive hotel with an incredible level of service that can satisfy all the needs of the richest and fastidious tourist. But even if you do not want to spend too much money, you need to know popular places with delicious Tel Aviv lunch. It is useful to you to quickly recuperate after long walks through the legendary city. Kilometers of sandy beaches, the golden coast, on which the waves of the blue Mediterranean Sea are gently rolling – it is Tel Aviv. Day catch in the fishing port, open-air cafes in green glades and bustling streets. From dawn to dawn on the Mediterranean coast, in countless restaurants, clubs, pubs, places of entertainment, life is in full swing. There is no other city that represents modern Israel is better than Tel Aviv. This city has many museums, monuments, theaters and restaurants with delicious Tel Aviv lunch. Have you already found a suitable restaurant for your company? Restaurant considered to one of Tourist attractions in Tel Aviv. Regardless of tourists, there are several restaurants in Tel Aviv that are popular among the townspeople. Vicky Cristina restaurant, which is located in the central part of the city near the beach, has already gained its popularity among residents of Israel. Since 2005, the best chefs of the country delight their visitors with culinary masterpieces using the technologies of Spanish cuisine. There is a wide range of dishes for every taste. We recommend that you try the wonderful Spanish steak and tapas vegetable appetizers with its Tel Aviv lunch. Together with a delicious lunch you can enjoy the sound of the Mediterranean Sea and try a glass of red wine. Vicky Cristina is already waiting for new guests to make their trip to Israel unforgettable!