Best food in Israel

When you come to Tel Aviv, you clearly understand that the future belongs to cities that easily accept different cultures, ideas and values. In the main city of Israel, they are truly proud of their national wealth and history - whatever it is - and are happy to share all this with visitors. Here, great cuisine, excellent surfing, music, art, there is a constant dialogue about identity, sexuality, spirituality. There are many popular places for recreation - clubs, discos and restaurants with the best food in Israel. The study of the city must, of course, begin with its old part - Jaffa. The local port is mentioned in the Bible, because it was here that Noah built his ark. If you want to get a good idea of ​​one of the most ancient cities in the world, go on a free tour from Sandeman - this is a great opportunity for the first walk around the city. Funny young guides will spend on the main points of the local cultural program: the port (five thousand years old), the hours Square (the clock is being renovated), Tel Aviv whale, restaurants with best food in Israel, a fountain with zodiac signs, a sea mosque, the church of St. Peter - the main thing, get comfortable, because you have to constantly walk down and up on slippery tiles. You can find special food in Israel. A good option for exploring delicious dishes is to visit the Vicky Cristina restaurant. It combines the legendary traditions of Spanish cuisine and the hospitality of the residents of Tel Aviv. There is Tapas technology while cooking delicious varieties of meat. Together with the main course, you can appreciate the delicious side dishes, salads and spices from the best chefs in Israel. This is where the best food in Israel is created - become a guest of this restaurant to make your trip truly impressive! Our restaurant is one f the best restaurants in Israel.