Famous restaurants in Israel

Israel is a magical country and always leaves an unforgettable impression for every tourist. Walking along the embankment, visiting legendary sights and religious ceremonies have attracted tourists and pilgrims to this country for hundreds of years. There are many interesting museums, cathedrals, youth clubs and famous restaurants in Israel. If your trip lasts less than 10 days, we recommend that you make a plan for visiting the sights or get acquainted with the guide in advance. So you can get maximum pleasure from the upcoming trip. Cafes and restaurants are special detail in Tel Aviv modern life. Despite the huge variety of Jewish cuisine, there are many European restaurants with alternative dishes (but you must try falafel and hummus if you are in Israel). For example, Vicky Cristina is considered one of the best and famous restaurants in Israel. It is one of the top restaurants in Israel. This is proved by the great popularity of this restaurant among tourists and citizens, as well as due to the high quality of each ingredient in this place. The exclusive advantage of this restaurant is the use of Spanish cooking technology. It is called Tapas. This is able to convey the rich taste of dishes without the use of high temperature. This technology is used in the legendary restaurants of Europe, and several centuries ago appeared in Spain. This one of the most famous restaurants in Israel will give you pleasure thanks to the different types of meat, side dishes and the largest assortment of wine in Tel Aviv. Become part of the Vicky Cristina restaurant and experience the incredible taste of the best dishes in the city. We wish you a tasty trip!