Popular restaurant Tel Aviv

Israel is a small country on the shores of the Mediterranean. It attracts many tourists from all over the world, but mostly those who come on organized tours. In Israel, it’s also easy to travel on your own. The country is small in territory and population (about 7 million people), but rich in historical monuments and natural attractions. There are many popular restaurants in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The ideal time to travel is spring and autumn. In the summer it is hot and dry, in the winter it rains and it is cold. Israel is a country where there was a mixture of different cultures and religions, so there is an extremely diverse population, and sometimes, walking along the streets, you feel yourself in a living museum. There are many leisure options for tourists of all ages. You can take a trip to the Dead Sea or become part of the nightlife of Tel Aviv. In this fabulous city there are all conditions for a real youth trip. Despite the fact that this city is a city of businessmen and IT specialists during the day, at night it turns into a paradise for discos and relaxation. Feel like an experienced traveler from Europe and visit some popular restaurant Tel Aviv. There is a huge selection for cooking lovers. Most of the people who visiting Tel Aviv, searching for good food. A good solution for gastronomic pleasure is to visit the Vicky Cristina restaurant. It is located in the city center just 3 minutes from the city beach. Also nearby is the Old Train Station. it considered to one of the Best places to eat in Israel.  You can get to the restaurant on any kind of public transport or taxi. Here you can enjoy unique Spanish dishes. Many types of legendary meat, a unique supply of side dishes and vegetables have long made this place one of the most popular restaurant Tel Aviv. This restaurant is waiting for you to visit!