Ratings of restaurants in Tel Aviv

Israel is this country, which gave the world the main book of Christianity - the Bible. Traveling to the holy places described in it, such as Jerusalem with its Old City, Bethlehem, where the Savior was born, or Nazareth, where he spent his childhood, as if you yourself are a participant and an eyewitness to the events described in it. But despite the presence of a huge religious heritage, not all the cities of Israel serve only for worship before God and for pilgrims. Now Tel Aviv is the second largest business center in the world, and its economic ratings occupy leading positions among large technology companies. Let's learn about the ratings of restaurants in Tel Aviv. For a successful trip, tourists need to visit many Israeli sights. Their list includes various museums, temples, exhibitions, as well as the famous Dead Sea. If you make prayers, then be sure that Israel will become for you an unforgettable city with a religious history. To restore energy after long walks or to celebrate the beginning of your journey, we recommend you visit a good restaurant. Let's look at one interesting place that can be found among the high ratings of restaurants in Tel Aviv. Vicky Cristina restaurant is a popular place among many tourists and citizens. Here are preparing the legendary dishes of Spanish cuisine. This restaurant is one of the recommended restaurants in Tel Aviv. The best chefs of Israel have worked a unique menu with a variety of meat dishes, salads and appetizers. Experienced staff has special training courses for quality customer service. During the meal, you will be asked to try the appropriate type of wine. For spicy meat prefer red wine, and for delicate dishes and salads - white wine. Visit this popular place and you will understand why Vicky Cristina ranks high among the ratings of restaurants in Tel Aviv. We wish you a pleasant trip!