Recommended restaurants in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is among the ten best nightlife cities in the world. This is because it is the only city in Israel that is just starting to wake up at midnight, even on Sabbath, when everything else is closed. Stroll through the streets of the night of Tel Aviv and you will see full cafes, night clubs, working around the clock galleries and bookstores. Don't even try to leave the city without trying the local falafel and shaverma at least once. During your trip, do not forget to visit at least one of the recommended restaurants in Tel Aviv. For €10 you will make such a huge pita with meat, salads and hummus, that after you can hardly crawl out from the table. But in order to truly experience the taste of a successful journey, you should go to one of the recommended restaurants in Tel Aviv. There are a lot of them, but only some restaurants are unique. Vicky Cristina is on the list of the best restaurants in the city and is very popular among citizens and many tourists from all over the world. You will definitely like the dishes from these chefs. If you want to visit in one of the Top restaurants in Israel, visit Vicky Christina. The main feature of Vicky Cristina restaurant is the preparation of legendary Spanish dishes. The best ingredients are used for the cooking process, and the Israel’s best experts are gathered in the team of the restaurant’s chefs. The warm sea breeze will be a nice addition to your dinner, because the beach is only 3 minutes from the Vicky Cristina restaurant. While searching for recommended restaurants in Tel Aviv, do not forget to go to this place to feel real gastronomic delight. We wish you a happy holidays!