Shabbat dinner Tel Aviv

Walking around the city, you can see that everyone eats all the time (or at least cooks), has a quick snack on the street, slowly saturate the stomach in restaurants and treat friends who have come to visit. But regardless of whether residents eat fully or just meet for a cocktail, they always get pleasure from it. It’s simply impossible to withstand, and you immediately want to immediately join this meal. To get a taste of truly legendary dishes, you should definitely visit shabbat dinner Tel Aviv. There are a lot of places to go for a snack. The main reason for this is the same: there are not so many cultural attractions in Tel Aviv as, say, in Jerusalem. During the trip, you can find out that local entrepreneurs focus on opening as many new establishments as possible in the city, including restaurants and cafes that will attract travelers from all over the world. So feeding tourists is a profitable activity for the city. But where can you get a delicious shabbat dinner Tel Aviv, when almost all citizens do not work that day? Every Saturday, we recommend you spend time in a pleasant European restaurant. Vicky Cristina restaurant is an excellent choice for a delicious shabbat dinner Tel Aviv. This restaurant offer a Non-kosher food in Israel. Here are the best dishes of Spanish cuisine, prepared according to Tapas technology. A large assortment of wines and spirits will give a special taste for your comfortable stay. The nearby beach will bring pleasant sound of sea waves, and experienced staff and the best chefs in Israel will take care of the high level of service. We are waiting for you to visit and wish you a pleasant journey!