Tel Aviv restaurant guide

Tel Aviv was founded as a Jewish quarter in the territory of the ancient port city of Jaffa, and later merged with it. This is the center of the colossal agglomeration of more than a dozen settlements, in turn surrounded by a ring of cities. In fact, this is a real metropolis on the seashore with conditional borders. Would you like to get unforgettable impressions? Make a trip plan and get acquainted with the history of the city, sights and Tel Aviv restaurant guide. The second largest city of Israel is extremely attractive for tourists. It is located close to the international airport and only 60 km from Jerusalem. Staying in Tel Aviv, it is convenient to make forays around the country. At the same time, there is so much in the city that it is necessary to go somewhere - a big question. In the Tel Aviv restaurant guide you will find many comfortable restaurants and cafes. If you want to make your trip special, we recommend you visit the popular Vicky Cristina restaurant. It is the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. A feature of this place is the use of ancient Spanish traditions in cooking. Tapas culinary technology allows you to convey the maximum taste in each dish. Just see for yourself - Vicky Cristina restaurant is open every day and even on Shabbat. The restaurant has a convenient location in the city center, so you can get here using any public transport and taxi. Feel the taste of fragrant meat, unique side dishes and choose any kind of wine from around the world. Still looking for a good place in the Tel Aviv restaurant guide? Vicky Cristina restaurant is waiting for you and wishes you a great trip!