Things to do in Tel Aviv on saturday

In Israel, weekends fall on Friday and Saturday, while Sunday is the first working day of the week. Weekends in Israel are also called "Shabbat." Shabbat is the time when the Torah forbids Jews to work. Therefore, most of the shops, restaurants and other establishments in Israel are closed on this day. Shabbat begins on Friday with the setting of the sun and ends at the same time on Saturday. Hours of the beginning and end of the Sabbath for a particular time of year and region of the country can be easily found on the Internet. It usually closes a couple of hours before sunset. So what are the things to do in Tel Aviv on saturday? A good alternative to leisure on Saturday is to meet locals or tourists from many countries. Active walks and swimming in the Mediterranean will also make your Saturday enjoyable. Such a vacation requires a lot of energy, so if you are still thinking about things to do in Tel Aviv on saturday, we recommend that you visit one of the popular local restaurants. Vicky Cristina restaurant with famous Spanish cuisine and many types of wine works even on Friday and Saturday, so I’m ready to make your evening unforgettable. Restaurant is an excellent solution for the question What to do in Israel on shabbat. The main advantage of Vicky Cristina restaurant is the use of Tapas technology for the preparation of various dishes. With this technology, every dish from a large menu has a maximum of taste and will make a pleasant impression on you. We already know about the things to do in Tel Aviv on saturday and are waiting for you to visit this unique restaurant. We wish you a good holiday!