Top restaurants in Israel

People say that Israel is the most delicious country in the world. This is true. There are a great variety of cafes, bars, restaurants, snack bars and even home kitchens for a very different taste. Many kitchens and technologies of the world mixed here in one, generous, juicy, Israeli, always delicious cuisine with really large portions. Walking along the evening streets of Tel Aviv, you will definitely want to visit one of the restaurants. Decided on a place? Feel the taste of real culinary art in one of the top restaurants in Israel. If you want to know where in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other cities of Israel you will be tastyly fed, where it is pleasant to sit, where people close to you in spirit go, where it is especially beautiful, and which institutions are considered the best among the citizens, we can help you to find Where to eat in Israel. Vicky Cristina Restaurant is the perfect place for a comfortable dinner in the company of your friends or family. A wide range of dishes and high quality of all ingredients allowed this place to become one of the top restaurants in Israel. If you have not tried the legendary Spanish cuisine, you should definitely visit Vicky Cristina. Why is Vicky Cristina so popular? It is worth considering that in this restaurant united the famous European traditions of cooking. You can enjoy a delicious dinner while listening to the music of the bells from the local cathedrals. Being in search of top restaurants in Israel, do not forget to come here. It is near the seashore, so you can listen to the sound of the Mediterranean, and after a delicious dinner and a glass of red wine, finish your evening on the beautiful night coast. Vicky Cristina staff is always happy to meet new guests!