What to do in Israel on shabbat

Israel boasts well-deserved year-round popularity. So what do you want to do in Israel? Some go here to immerse themselves in ancient history, others - to improve the shattered health in the healing spaces of the Dead Sea (which, by the way, you don’t really dive because of too salty water) the fourth - again to swim, but already in the Red Sea, with an aqualung, and the rest like to spend holidays on the beach, doing nothing. But what to do in Israel on shabbat? There are a lot of things to do in Tel Aviv on shabbat. Do not forget: young people often go to Israel even then, in order to revel in the carbon parties in the local nightclubs in the rhythms of fashionable music and clubs of fragrant smoke. On the streets of the cities of Israel is a huge number of different clubs and restaurants. Many tourists do not know what to do in Israel on shabbat. A great idea for a Saturday is going to one of the city’s restaurants in Tel Aviv. If you have already tasted the delicacies of the Israeli national cuisine, the Vicky Cristina restaurant will be a great place for your comfortable dinner. It is Best places to spend shabbat in Israel. This restaurant prepares Spanish dishes using the legendary technology Tapas. With this, each ingredient will convey the maximum taste and make your evening truly unforgettable. If you are still thinking about what to do in Israel on shabbat, the best chefs in Israel are already waiting for you at the Vicky Cristina restaurant. Feel the taste of the best European traditions now!