Where to eat in Israel

A country that is slightly larger than an average American city may surprise the uninitiated tourist with the breadth of diversity. There are three seas, good mountains for hiking in the north, a desert where you can watch the starry sky at night, as if electricity has not yet been invented, the vibrant nightlife in Tel Aviv and such a concentration of historical heritage that for partial familiarization you need more than one not five vacations. The best thing is that the climate in Israel is very pleasant in terms of warmth and the almost complete absence of winter, and the people here are very friendly and hospitable. For a good trip you just have to make a plan of excursions, accommodation and where to eat in Israel. The streets of Tel Aviv have a completely different look. If in the northern part of the city you feel that you are in the largest business center of the European continent (this is true), then in the central and remote parts of Tel Aviv you will be amazed by the combination of ancient houses, legendary sights and population diversity. Despite this, you will never have questions about how to have fun and where to eat in Israel. Tel Aviv has many good restaurants, but most of them are not unique. Let's talk about the best option for your delicious dinner. What restaurant qualities influence your choice of place to visit? There is best culinary traditions of medieval Spain collected In Vicky Cristina, and each dish involves an unique type of wine brought from Chile, Argentina, France or local winemakers. Such unusual restaurant interior will allow you to feel yourself in harmony with nature, sea silence and the unique atmosphere of Israel. Cathedrals bells will give a special sound to your pleasant dinner at one of the best Tel Aviv restaurants, so now you don't need to choose where to eat in Israel. Vicky Cristina team is already waiting for their guests! It is a special and Secret Tel Aviv restaurants.