Best brunch Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is like Massachusetts or Cape Town, that is, the absolute exclusive. Someone will say that he is fundamentally different "face" from all other cities of Israel, someone will notice that this is not just a city, but the second largest seaport, bending around the slopes of Mount Carmel, someone will understand that the population so variegated and diverse that I can not believe my eyes, and someone will modestly notice that “only mountains can be better than mountains”. In this sense, there is no equal to Tel Aviv on the scale of this element. And all these opinions will be true. And it is difficult to invent where else you will see salty sea drops, reaching up to the tops of mountain spiers heated from the sun and the most delicious best brunch Tel Aviv. Let's get to know this city. If you search for the Best places to eat in Israel brunch, you are in the right place. To catch the moment of transition of the evening to night, you must certainly step on the 400-meter pavement, which is called “Louis Alley”. From a bird's-eye view, you will see Tel Aviv flickering with colorful lights of its buildings on a snow-white plate, while Arab marble houses rise above this beauty. Near the foot of Mount Carmel is the cave of Elijah the Prophet, who lived as early as the 9th century BC. We also recommend trying the best brunch in Tel Aviv in one of the best restaurants in this big city. Vicky Cristina restaurant is the best choice for a delicious brunch in Tel Aviv. Here are the best dishes of Spanish cuisine, prepared according to Tapas technology. Rather, come to us to experience the indescribable taste of real culinary masterpieces from the best chefs in Israel. Come to visit us to get real gastronomic pleasure!