Best places to eat in Israel

Israel is one of the most "wonderful" countries on Earth. And not only because it was here that the lion's share of miracles recorded by the Bible happened. In the present modernity of the supernatural, nothing less than in the legendary past. For example, what repatriate Jews have done to the Promised Land over the past several decades. Today, these achievements are no less striking than they once were - the walks of Christ on water. Today there are large business centers and museums, and many other best places to eat in Israel. Over half a century, displaced people turned their piece of land into the most advanced country in the Middle East with rapidly growing cities, excellent roads and man-made forests. The most progressive city of modern Israel is Tel Aviv. The general staffs of the largest international companies are concentrated here, and there are also a lot of best places to eat in Israel. To make your evening special after long walks and relaxation, we recommend you visit the Vicky Cristina restaurant in the central part of the city. The best restaurants in Israel are in Tel Aviv and Vicky Christina is one of them. It is a popular destination among citizens and tourists from all over the world. It is worth noting that the special feature of the restaurant is the preparation of dishes using Tapas technology. This is a variation of Spanish cuisine, using aromatic meat, a wide variety of spices and huge collections of the best wines from around the world. Become a part of the best places to eat in Israel with Vicky Cristina to get incredible experiences for a lifetime. Enjoy your trip!