Best places to spend shabbat in Israel

Israel is a wonderful country where every traveler will find something interesting for himself. Jaffa - an ancient port city on the Mediterranean coast, in fact, from the area which Tel Aviv grew up. Now they have merged into one seaside metropolis. We recommend starting the inspection, leaving the car in a large (and most importantly free) parking. If you wind a couple of tens of kilometers for you, this is not a problem for you, then we recommend that you continue to inspect the city on foot, since parking in Tel Aviv is not easy. Thee are a lot of Things to do in Tel Aviv on shabbat. Let's learn about the best places to spend shabbat in Israel. It is convenient to begin the inspection of the old city from the port area. There you can have a great snack. For example, in the popular Vicky Cristina restaurant. Their manner of serving a huge amount of snacks to the main course is a real tourist attraction. Next - less known, but no less tasty places. Through the narrow streets, named after the constellations of the horoscope, you will reach the park on the hill, where you can see the best view of Tel Aviv and best places to spend shabbat in Israel. Focus on the Ramses Gate. In the same place you will find a bridge on which you need to make wishes. We checked come true. Another tourist tradition is a photo of the famous hanging orange tree. To make the finale of your tourist day truly enjoyable, we recommend you visit the Vicky Cristina restaurant and experience the culinary masterpieces of medieval Spain. The wonderful taste of each dish and a huge range of delicious wines will answer the question about the best places to spend shabbat in Israel. We wish you the best travel!