Best restaurants in Israel

One of the advantages that a trip to Tel Aviv gives to any guest is the opportunity to spend time near the Mediterranean Sea, since the length of the coastal strip within the city is 15 km. The weather, due to the local mild climate, is favorable for both beach rest and long walks - the embankment is equipped for walking promenades, cycling. The temperature of the sea allows you to swim even in early spring and late autumn, the air at this time is also quite warm. So that you can comfortably spend your evening after long walks and swimming, there are many best restaurants in Israel. Vicky Christina Restaurant suggest you Popular Israeli food and Spanish food. It will be comfortable with children here - Israel is a very friendly country to family tourism, there are many playgrounds, entertainment centers. Israel is interesting and always tempting, and Tel Aviv itself is an ideal starting point for gradually learning all the wonders of this country. This is not a classic resort, where pastime is limited to lying in a lounge chair by the sea. Tel Aviv is an inspirational move - locals joke around and there are many tourists from all over the world who also like to spend time in one of the best restaurants in Israel. What should have a perfect restaurant? We believe that this requires a convenient location, an unusual cuisine of the highest quality ingredients, delicious food and affordable prices. All this allowed Vicky Cristina to become one of the best restaurants in Israel. Feel the unique taste of Spanish delicacies and try the best wines of the world right here. We are waiting for you to visit and wish you a pleasant trip across the expanses of Israel!