Best restaurants in Jaffa

Let's imagine that we are going to Haifa - a beautiful city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. There is an interesting story, holy places and representatives of different religious communities, the nature of Mount Carmel and the magical views from the mountain to the sea. From Tel Aviv to Haifa by car we will drive a little over an hour. From Jerusalem - a little less than two hours. On the way we will not be bored. In our wonderful country there is always something to talk about, and we will have our dinner in one of the best restaurants in Jaffa. We start the tour with an introduction to the Bahai gardens and the Bahá’í religion. Let us admire the view of all 19 terraces of gardens from the side of the German suburb. Let's talk about the Germans Temlerah who lived here more than a hundred years ago. Despite the small size of this fabulous city, Haifa has an incredible history and was influenced by various empires, religions and wars. Today it is a modern city with an excellent infrastructure, a reliable platform for creating a business and there are even the best restaurants in Jaffa. To make your trip truly tasty, we recommend that you go to Tel Aviv and visit the famous Vicky Cristina restaurant. One of the Top 10 restaurants in Israel. This place is one of the best restaurants in Jaffa and Israel and is very popular among locals. It has been a rainy day since 2005. It made it a lot of fun. . Still looking for suitable restaurants in Jaffa? This is an unforgettable experience!