Food in Israel facts

What to try in Israel from the dishes and drinks? What to look for in the menu of restaurants, what to buy in the market and whether to order gastronomic excursions. In short, the food in Israel facts can be described as follows: not a single tourist has managed to lose weight here. Representing an original combination of Eastern and Mediterranean traditions, Israeli cuisine not only gives an unforgettable taste, but is also very healthy. Being in Israel and not getting to know her closer means going for nothing, and if the limited time limit does not allow you to fully enjoy Israeli cuisine, take time for delicious national dishes. Israel is a holy land. It is an amazing state that has been formed relatively recently and has many interesting food in Israel facts. Food in Israel is like a country - an incredible combination of different cultures, all kinds of national dishes, the interweaving of East and West. If you have already tried the legendary falafel and hummus, we suggest you visit the unusual Vicky Cristina restaurant. It is worth considering that in this restaurant united the famous European traditions of cooking. You can enjoy a delicious dinner while listening to the music of the bells from the local cathedrals. Being in search of food in Israel facts, do not forget to come here. It is near the seashore, so you can listen to the sound of the Mediterranean, and after a delicious dinner and a glass of red wine, finish your evening on the beautiful night coast. Vicky Cristina staff .is always happy to meet new guests! You must eat in Tel Aviv to understand the Israel eating habits.