Friday night Tel Aviv

Usually when traveling you are looking for the features of each country that distinguish it from others. In Israel, you often try to find something familiar and familiar, since this country is not like the others. When planning a trip, we wanted to combine everything: a beach holiday, trips around the country, sightseeing. Tel Aviv is an excellent choice for active recreation for young people and adults. There are many unique entertainment. There is also a developed friday night Tel Aviv. When you visiting Tel Aviv, you must eat Popular Israeli food. The choice of hotels in Tel Aviv is huge, so you can find a suitable option according to your finances or rent an apartment. Most of the apartments are located near the sea and the 11-kilometer beach area of ​​the city and have a gorgeous view from the window, which we enjoyed every evening. After dark, the famous friday night Tel Aviv awakens here, during which you can visit the best restaurants in the city. The sun setting in the Mediterranean is an attraction that doesn’t bother. In Tel Aviv, there are wild beaches where you relax alone with yourself and the sea, and public, where under the supervision of lifeguards and with all the benefits of civilization you will splash in specially prepared zones. One of the main attractions among the locals is the Vicky Cristina restaurant, which kindly feeds you with the best delicacies of Spain during friday night in Tel Aviv. The unusual taste of fragrant meat, side dishes and a huge range of the best wines of the world will pleasantly surprise your company of friends and family. We are waiting for you to visit and wish you a pleasant journey!