Israel eating habits

Jews have unusual culinary traditions, so there are many Israel eating habits. There is a certain set of rules that the Jews strictly follow: you can eat only the meat of hoarse-nosed animals or ruminants - lamb, beef, and lamb. As for pork, this food in Israel is considered “dirty” and in no case can a Jew be eaten. According to the laws of kashrut, Jews do not eat hare, as well as rabbit meat. You can eat fish with fins, which is covered with scales, as well as fish spawn, but in the national dishes of Israel you will not meet marine inhabitants: mussels, various mollusks, lobsters. When you visiting Israel you must it in Tel Aviv restaurants. But almost all plants can be eaten, as they are considered kosher. And another rule, or rather the ban in the national cuisine of Israel - you cannot eat dairy and meat products at the same time, and, in addition, it is forbidden to eat the blood of animals and culinary products from the blood. That is why in Israeli cuisine there is no blood sausage and other dishes that can be found in almost every kitchen in the world. But if you do not practice Israel eating habits, we advise you to visit the popular Vicky Cristina restaurant. Warm sea wind, red sunset and the music of the bells of local temples will create a unique atmosphere for your dinner in the company of family or friends. Dive into the world of the best gastronomy and remember this taste for life. You will definitely like it. Are you looking for good restaurants без Israel eating habits? Its staff will be happy to tell you about the benefits of Spanish cuisine and offer to taste the best dishes of Tel Aviv at affordable prices.