Must eat in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv originated as a green suburb of ancient Jaffa at the beginning of the twentieth century. This process left us a legacy of the original architectural style of the Bauhaus school and musical traditions, which are preserved by the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, which united several small orchestras, as well as adherence to art, which is reflected in many museums and galleries and an abundance of sculptures on city streets. In this fabulous city there are many interesting palaces, parks and restaurants in which you just must eat in Tel Aviv at least once. In Tel Aviv every day is replaced by a poster of dance programs, stage performances and concerts - from classical to modernist in numerous theaters and auditoriums of the city. Tel Aviv is in every sense an ideal starting point for traveling throughout the country. Those who come to rest on the coast, from Herzliya to Bat Yam, can unpack their suitcases only once, go to a favorite restaurant where all tourists must eat in Tel Aviv and go for a walk along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. What restaurant qualities influence your choice of place to visit? There is best culinary traditions of medieval Spain collected In Vicky Cristina, and each dish involves an unique type of wine brought from Chile, Argentina, France or local winemakers. In our restaurant Vicky Christina you can find tasty and Popular Israeli food. Such unusual restaurant interior will allow you to feel yourself in harmony with nature, sea silence and the unique atmosphere of Israel. Cathedrals bells will give a special sound to your pleasant dinner at one of the best must eat in Tel Aviv restaurants. Vicky Cristina team is already waiting for their guests!