Popular Israeli food

Israel is a country of unusual culinary traditions. It should be noted that the Jews in the preparation and consumption of food follow the religious laws of kashrut. For example, pork and shellfish are banned. Dairy products should be cooked and eaten separately from meat dishes. Food prepared according to the laws of kashrut is considered “kosher” that is “permitted”. We advise you to try the popular Israeli food at least once to remember this pleasant taste throughout the country. If you search for eater Tel Aviv is the place for you.   In Israel, there are “kosher” restaurants and cafes, which are divided into dairy and meat, and you can also find “non-kosher” with Chinese, French, Russian cuisines. Hummus is a traditional Israeli dish. A kind of snack made from chickpea puree (chickpea - chick peas), olive oil, garlic, onion, lemon juice and spices. Sometimes they put in the hummus thiqui, a sesame seed paste sauce. Hummus can serve as a snack, and side dish, and main course. If you have already tried popular Israeli food, you should definitely visit the Vicky Cristina restaurant. Let's find out why.   The owners of Vicky Cristina took every little detail seriously in creating the perfect atmosphere of the restaurant. The best chefs of Israel have worked a unique menu with a variety of meat dishes, salads and appetizers. Experienced staff has special training courses for quality customer service. During the meal, you will be asked to try the appropriate type of wine. For spicy meat prefer red wine, and for delicate dishes and salads - white wine. Still thinking where to eat popular Israeli food? Vicky Cristina is happy to meet its guests now.