Secret Tel Aviv

The concept of "Israeli cuisine" does not exist, rather it is a mosaic of many flavors, since Israel has long been located at the crossroads of ancient trade routes and is a melting pot for immigrants from around the world, the local cuisine is rich and diverse. It is impossible not to try the national dishes - falafel in pita or "St. Peter's fish". All these and many other tasty dishes are served in various secret Tel Aviv restaurants. Have you already found a suitable place for your company?   Jewish traditions prohibit the consumption of dishes from pork or crustaceans. In addition, dairy and meat dishes should be prepared and served separately. Food products that are prepared in the light of these circumstances are called kosher. Kosher food is observed in most hotels and restaurants. But the popular Vicky Cristina restaurant is not kosher and offers dishes from all types of the best meat for its guests. We are sure that this will become the best secret Tel Aviv place during your holiday!   In this popular place you can taste real Spanish delicacies prepared using Tapas culinary technology. Thanks to special medieval recipes, the dishes in this restaurant retain maximum flavor, and the large menu has many options for breakfast, lunch and dinner for your family and friends. Visit this popular secret Tel Aviv place during your vacation. The Vicky Cristina team of the restaurant is waiting for you to visit and wishes the best trip! Vicky Cristina is one of the Top 10 restaurants in Israel.