Tel Aviv nightlife friday

Tel Aviv is a city on the Mediterranean coast, the architectural appearance of which form the buildings of the 1930s in the style of Bauhaus. Most of them are in the area of ​​White City, so named after the color of the facades. There is also a multimedia Museum of the Jewish people, where you can learn about the life of Jewish communities around the world, and the Museum of Eretz Israel, where you can learn about archaeological finds, samples of folklore and folk crafts. This legendary place attracts millions of tourists every year thanks to the beautiful scenery and the famous Tel Aviv nightlife friday.   Specialists in the field of tourism recommend cheap holidays in Tel Aviv to those who want to visit the East and at the same time stay in the modern European world. This city perfectly combines the city with the business centers and the old atmosphere of the ancient settlement. And all thanks to the fact that practically absorbed the ancient port of Jaffa. We are sure that you will be able to find entertainment among religious sights, huge beaches and constant Tel Aviv nightlife friday. Ready to get maximum pleasure? A lot of people ask themselves what to do in Tel Aviv on friday? we invite you to our restaurant.   To make your trip special, we advise you to visit the popular Vicky Cristina restaurant in the central part of the city. In search of entertainment during the Tel Aviv nightlife friday, you should try the taste of these Spanish delicacies. Every day, the best chefs of Israel gather here to prepare culinary masterpieces for the citizens of Tel Aviv guests. We can make your holiday unforgettable!