Things to do in Tel Aviv on shabbat

Tourists travel to amazing Israel all year round. Some are looking for a relaxing holiday with children, others want to plunge into the most interesting ancient history, others to heal with world-famous doctors, and the fourth to relax on one of the beautiful beaches and scuba diving in the Red Sea. In addition, young people love local parties in nightclubs, of which there are countless in Israel. But are there things to do in Tel Aviv on shabbat? Jerusalem is the capital of the state, and the largest resorts in Israel are Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Eilat. If the majority of Israeli cities have a large religious shell and are ideal places for pilgrims from around the world, then Tel Aviv is a youth resort. There are many clubs, cafes and restaurants here, so you will never have to search for anything for things to do in Tel Aviv on shabbat. A good option for a Friday evening is to visit the Vicky Cristina restaurant. If you don't know what to eat in Tel Aviv, come and visit us. This place is popular among the citizens and tourists in Tel Aviv. Imagine that you are walking with your beloved, family or friends along the long beaches of the Mediterranean, admiring the red sunset and enjoying the warm wind. Passing the area of ​​the old station, you can go to the Vicky Cristina restaurant, where you will be fed with real delicacies of Spanish cuisine. Still looking for things to do in Tel Aviv on shabbat? In Vicky Cristina you will be pleasantly surprised by the taste of each dish and a large assortment of wine. We are waiting for you to visit!