TLV restaurants

Tel Aviv is a great city for tourists of all ages. Unofficially, the city is divided into 50 districts, each of which there is something to see the tourist. Tel Aviv was founded relatively recently (in 1909), therefore there are few historical sights here. But there are enough interesting museums, beautiful buildings, picturesque landscapes and TLV restaurants with a delicious meal. You can visit one of the oldest cities in the world - Jaffa. It was here, if you believe the legends, that Noah built his Ark, Perseus freed Andromeda, and the prophet Jonah set out on this journey. Now Jaffa is a tourist area of ​​Tel Aviv, where there are many restaurants, workshops, markets, museums. There are still archaeological excavations. Worth a visit is the Eretz Israel Museum. His collection contains exhibits telling about cultures, traces of which were found in the territory of Israel. Also of interest are the expositions of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Modern Art. To restore energy after a long day and interesting walks, we suggest you spend a comfortable evening in one of the TLV restaurants. Vicky Cristina TLV restaurant is a good option for a delicious dinner. If you visiting Tel Aviv, you should visit it. The main advantage of Vicky Cristina restaurant is the use of Tapas technology for the preparation of various dishes. With this technology, every dish from a large menu has a maximum of taste and will make a pleasant impression on you. We already know about the things to do in Tel Aviv on and are waiting for you to visit this unique restaurant. We wish you a good holiday!