Unique things to do in Tel Aviv

Israel can be attributed to the Mediterranean type, but it is subject to significant changes depending on the area. Israel has a varied climate from temperate to tropical with lots of sunny days. From November to May the rainy winter season lasts, the rest of the time is a dry summer. Heavy rains fall in the north and in the center of the country, and in Tel Aviv and in the south there are almost none. Despite the weather, you can always find many unique things to do in Tel Aviv.   Climatic conditions in different regions differ. On the coast there are humid summers and mild winters, in mountainous regions dry summers and relatively cold winters. In the Jordan Valley, hot, dry summers and mild winters. In Tel Aviv all year round there is a comfortable climate for tourism and citizens. It is worth considering that in neighboring Jerusalem almost every year snow falls. Nevertheless, you can come to Israel throughout the year. In winter, it is better to rest in the south than in the rainy north, and southern summer may seem too hot. Have you already found any unique things to do in Tel Aviv?   If you have not had time to decide on interesting entertainment in this fabulous city, we recommend you to visit one of the popular restaurants. If you visiting Tel Aviv, Vicky Cristina restaurant is on the list of the best unique things to do in Tel Aviv in case to the exquisite Spanish cuisine and the high quality of all dishes from the best chefs in Israel. We are waiting for you to visit, to feed you with real culinary masterpieces and make your trip to Israel the most delicious!