What is Israeli food

If you want to eat with taste and appetite, you just need to visit Israel! No wonder Israel is considered one of those places where you can eat tasty and inexpensive. Only in Israel there is a rich variety of surprisingly tasty products available only in this country (mainly due to the huge flow of immigrants and the mixing of their cultures - people from 120 countries!). The choice of dishes here will appeal to even the most spoiled gourmet. Would you like to know what is Israeli food and try it? If you don't know what to eat in Tel Aviv, in our restaurant you will find.   The cuisine of Israel is a rather interesting phenomenon, since the state of Israel is rather young, and therefore there are no traditional gastronomic dishes that could be added to the national list. In addition, it is known that Israel is a country of repatriates, that is, people who have gathered at one point from different parts of the world, who in turn adhere to their culinary traditions. If you want to try the exquisite dishes and find out what is Israeli food, we recommend you visit the Vicky Cristina restaurant.   This place has long been popular with tourists who come to Tel Aviv to enjoy the Mediterranean, beautiful landscapes and learn what is Israeli food. Despite this, this popular restaurant offers guests not only the famous national dishes of Israel, but also delicious delicacies from the Spanish culture. Make your evening special with us. Vicky Cristina invites all guests of Israel to a delicious Spanish dinner!