What to do in Tel Aviv on friday

  In Israel, believers are attracted to tourists by the holy city in which Christ’s childhood passed, Nazareth. Here, tourists will see the Franciscan Temple of the Annunciation, as well as the Semphoris National Park, the ancient town of Zippori and much more. The city of Haifa is the largest port in Israel. Here, tourists can admire the cave of Elijah the prophet, the Catholic monastery of the Order of the Carmelites, the synagogue of Haifa, and the tomb of Al-Baha. Excursion programs in Israel are extremely diverse. By visiting these cities, you can think about what to do in Tel Aviv on friday. Let's look at the best options for your holiday.   Starting a quiet weekend in Jerusalem, ending with more interesting and active excursions, you can walk along the small beautiful streets of Tel Aviv. Israel is a small country and professional travelers often travel here to cover the entire distance on foot. But if you prefer a relaxing holiday and are looking for what to do in Tel Aviv on friday, we can recommend you to visit one of the popular restaurants. A wide variety of dishes and alcoholic beverages will not .leave you indifferent! In our restaurant you can find good and Non-kosher food in Israel   While looking for what to do in Tel Aviv on friday, do not forget that on this day Shabbat is valid for the majority of the population of Tel Aviv and almost all restaurants and cafes are closed. But Vicky Cristina is not kosher and is happy to meet and feed guests with delicious dishes using Spanish tapas cooking technology. Juicy meat and vegetables on fire in combination with the warm sea wind and the music of the bells are waiting for you in Vicky Cristina. We wish you a pleasant trip!