What to eat in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city that lives very well with its many faces, personifying all the changes and the present day of the country. At the same time, it is the center of Israeli culture, entertainment and trade. Tel Aviv is not only a center of finance, fashion, industry and commerce in Israel, but besides this, it has a large number of cafes and restaurants per square meter of sidewalk, as you can imagine, and clubs open until dawn. If you are planning a trip to this wonderful city, we recommend that you make a list of where to go for a walk and what to eat in Tel Aviv. Most people search for things to do in Tel Aviv at night, we invite you to visit our restaurant.   It is convenient to walk around the city, despite the hustle and bustle, and its considerable size does not detract from the resort merits, and even those who come to Tel Aviv on business can afford the luxury of “relaxing.” The city is only about 100 years old or at least 5000 - it all depends on the angle of view. There is a huge number of different fountains, parks, cultural and religious attractions. To complete the start of your trip, we recommend you visit a good restaurant and choose what to eat in Tel Aviv. Vicky Cristina consider to the Top Spanish restaurants in Tel Aviv.   Would you like to feel yourself in the atmosphere of medieval Spain? Do you like to enjoy live music, as well as to combine aromatic meat with vegetables and delicious wine? Vicky Cristina restaurant will be your answer to the question what to eat in Tel Aviv. A large variety of dishes will make a good impression on your company of friends or family. We are waiting for you to visit!