Eater Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is an excellent city for recreation for all categories of tourists. And all because it is a very young city, which is just over 100 years old. But at the same time, it is rich in various museums and galleries. It should be noted that one of the most interesting will be the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which contains the best works of Israeli artists. The Museum of the Jewish Diaspora presents the characteristics of the life of Jews throughout the world. There are also many popular eaters Tel Aviv, where you can get tasty dishes at affordable prices.   Tourist guides in Tel Aviv also suggest visiting the Palace of Independence, in which the State of Israel was born in 1948. So cultural rest is also possible here. Much more interesting is the exciting holiday in Tel Aviv, planned with a visit to the city of Jaffa, which has practically become part of the capital of Israel. According to various legends, it was in this city that Noah built an ark, Perseus saved Andromeda, a vision appeared to the apostle Peter, and much more. To complete your evening with the tastes of the finest delicacies, we recommend you visit the Vicky Cristina restaurant and try the best eater Tel Aviv.  If you search fir tasty and non-kosher food in Israel you are in the right place.   It is a popular destination among citizens and tourists from all over the world. It is worth noting that the special feature of this Tel Aviv eater is the preparation of dishes using Tapas technology. This is a variation of Spanish cuisine, using aromatic meat, a wide variety of spices and huge collections of the best wines from around the world. Become a part of Tel Aviv nightlife with Vicky Cristina to get incredible experiences for a lifetime. Enjoy your trip!