Things to do in Tel Aviv at night

The climate in Israel is quite diverse. The rainy season falls in November - May, and the rest of the year in Israel is sunny. There is practically no rain in the south of the country, but their abundance is observed in the northern and central parts of the country. In summer, the climate is humid on the coast, and winters here are quite mild. Thanks to this you can find interesting things to do in Tel Aviv even at night. As for the mountainous areas, the summer is dry and the winters are cold. The Jordan Valley is characterized by a dry and hot summer and mild winter. The swimming season is open all year round.   Vacationers in the summer bask on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and Lake of Galilee, and in the winter at their disposal the endless coast of the Red and Dead Seas. The average temperature of this region is +38, the water warms up to +30 degrees Celsius. Swimming in the sea is an indispensable part of a holiday in Israel, but we recommend that you visit many different excursions and unforgettable things to do in Tel Aviv at night. A good solution for a night rest will be visiting the restaurant.   While looking for good restaurants in Israel, you can find many options for cuisines from around the world, but if you want to get really unforgettable things to do in Tel Aviv at night, you should visit the Vicky Cristina restaurant, The top Spanish restaurants in Tel Aviv. The unusual menu of Spanish dishes will pleasantly impress you thanks to the aromatic meat, delicious side dishes and a large assortment of wines from many countries of the world. We are waiting for you to visit the Vicky Cristina restaurant!