Top Spanish restaurants in Tel Aviv

Top Spanish restaurants in Tel Aviv The Spanish cuisine is worldwide famous for its fusion of intense sauces, herbs and spices, meat and vegetables. The seafood plays a not less important role in it and often becomes the basis for various delicious dishes. However, the Spanish cuisine is first of all interesting for its unusual traditions. So, every tourist should visit places that offer such dishes of national cuisine. In this case, the ordinary dinner will bring many unforgettable emotions! There are plenty of top restaurants in Tel Aviv, which offer its guests to enjoy the Spanish cuisine. The Vicky-Cristina restaurant stands out against all of them! This place has created its menu so that it represents the most interesting dishes of the Spanish cuisine. In one of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv restaurant, any tourist will get a chance to fully experience all the special features of the Spanish national cuisine! Restaurants of Spanish cuisine have their own specifics, which distinguishes them from other restaurants. The most important of them are the following:

  1. Keeping the tapas tradition. This ritual implies serving a large variety of snacks to wine. Generally, the tapas are made with olives, squids, shrimps, ham and pork. The tradition of serving of these small appetizers originated several hundred years ago and was first introduced in small wine bars located near ports. Here, glasses with hard liquors were served covered with a piece of ham or cheese.
  2. The menu must feature the best Spanish wines. In addition, it is highly recommended for top restaurants in Tel Aviv to offer their guests sherry and sangria. These drinks are very popular in Spain.
  3. The special atmosphere is complemented by national music and sensual dances.
The Vicky-Cristina restaurant has an obvious advantage over other top restaurants in Tel Aviv because it meets all the above listed requirements!