Vicky Cristina takes pride in its unique Spanish atmosphere.
The unique and joyous atmosphere is created by a rare combination of special location at the heart of a compound for preservation, a restaurant located under the oldest Ficus tree in Tel Aviv, private and huge shared tables inspired by Gaudi, and of course, thanks to live performances held at the place on a permanent basis*.
Among the performers you may find a talented couple of guitar players, who create a feeling of being at La Rambla Avenue at the heart of Tel Aviv by playing classical and contemporary Spanish tunes strumming on your heartstrings and evoking a smile onto your lips, and the skilled Flamenco dancers, who will cause you to stamp your legs and clap your hands to the sound of the powerful and moving melodies.
These live performances are an integral part of the visit experience to Vicky Cristina and are warmly recommended to anyone desiring to feel as if he has jumped for one night to Spain.

*To receive the performances dates please visit our Facebook page or contact the restaurant directly.


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