About Us

This is who we are.

The Vicky – the Tapas kitchen, located at the right hand side of the yard, offers our guests an outstanding culinary experience. It integrates between authentic Spanish elements in a concept of tapas, combined with countless tastes, colors and dishes. Among the dishes one may find original and authentic Tapas dishes leading the Spanish Tapas bars, such as: Pan con Tomate, Patatas Bravas, Pinchos (Pintxo), Ceso Frito, Hamburgessa and more… The classic Tapas are made of seasonal raw materials thus creating a diversified menu each season. Alongside the regular menu, a creative and colorful menu of Specialties is served, created by the restaurant’s chef.

The Cristina – the wine bar, located on the left side of the yard, is characterized by high seats located around mosaic sculptured bar tables. The bar offers around 120 different types of wines from around the world, multiple exotic and Latin drinks such as Sangria, one of our icons, served hot or cold. Along with a vital atmosphere and exquisite food, the wine bar constitutes one of the restaurant’s outstanding characteristics. A skilled team of bartenders who undergoe in-depth training, courses and professional tours in wineries and wine tastings is always at your service!